First Go

Here we go, I have had enough help from blogs over the years so thought it was time that I joined in. Not sure what you will get from me…..

  • Thoughts on work – teaching, technology, people
  • The family
  • Sport
  • What I get up to

So it is Monday and we are all looking forward to the weekend already…… Sophie is 4 on Saturday so a full on weekend coming up. Then in less than 2 weeks I will be off to Italy on the ski trip with interski. Really looking forward to that, first time with the boy wonder. He has been having some lessons and is doing well.

Before that we have a week and a half of work to get through, one bright point is the app that we are using, Showbie – brilliant for viewing, marking and giving feedback to students on their work. Hoping to roll this out over the coming weeks, gives a real time benefit for staff. It is a hard battle winning them over as they simply see it as another job to do – but once we get them using the tech the benefits will speak for themselves.

That will do for now, but you can also follow me @parkway_st4

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