Bike in Rain

Well the forecast was for it to stay dry all evening – now they got that wrong!!

Came out of lifeguard training to ride home, only 3.5 miles, and the heavens had opened, strangely cathartic and enjoyable though.

Did my longest run of 2016, yes the only run of 2016, on Monday night. Just under 4 miles, even did some mini intervals towards the end. Ed would be proud!!

So onto a couple of days rest before the next burst starting on Friday evening with a ride or run.

Think I have decided on the bike upgrades, start saving now, Deda Parabolica Tri bars and Campag Zonda wheels. All in the need for speed…..

For a laugh here is my last year of cycling on Strava – yes there is a tortoise in there….

Strava 2015

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