Still Dry!

Well Friday night was a challenge after the first week back at work, but one week down three to go to complete the first challenge of 2016. 

As much as I enjoy fish and chip Friday and then what ever we have in for tea, I am thinking that it is not the best prep for Saturday training. Felt quite empty this morning with a head ache through most of the session, but did it! I am training fasted, no breakfast, might try and have something before next week, even if it just a gel. 

2,900 meters covered in the pool today, it was hard, fast with not much rest. Not overly scientific but a good workout. Variety is the spice of life. The ‘highlight’ was a 200m swim with a target time of 2 min 40 seconds, yes doable but not after a 200 on 2.50 and as the last set! 

I was going to go for a run on Friday night but felt quite rough at the end of the week so decided against it. I am learning that you have to listen to your body to train effectively.

So if the weather is good, will get out for a quick run on Sunday afternoon. Back to lessons in the morning and training with Bob. 

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