Nutrition & Cold Biking

As I stated last time I felt I was training empty, so on Sunday I tried a new strategy.

I teach swimming from 8am until 10 and then go straight into training, so the opportunity to fuel is limited. Normally I would have a breakfast of cereal and a coffee at 7.30 and them apart from water at the pool that would be it. So this Sunday I tried something different and I have to say I felt good in the water, so will do the same again next week to see if it was the plan or just a coincidence.

So what did I do, nothing revolutionary:

  • Energy gel just before swimming – can not eat again as teaching. The gel is designed for a quick and easy energy boost that is easily digested.
  • Had a High 5 Zero Tab in my water whilst swimming, replaces what you loose through sweat and excursion.

Completed a nice 2,800 meters, so just under 6k for the weekend.

So in the afternoon, after the DIY, the boy wanted to go for a bike ride. Now he did not quite grasp how cold it was going to be:



As you can see, 5 degrees feels like 1!! So he came down in his shorts, a long sleeved top and a cycling top. So once he was suitably dressed, we were off.

Oh did I say that he only had fingerless gloves!!!!

But he did great and we covered 8 miles, I even got a cheeky little interval sprint in up Wedgwood Bank. More of those required judging by how much I was gasping at the top!

You can see the fruits of our labours below.

So into a new week and the forecast is looking to be going cold with the possibility of snow showers – will the bike get out this week or will it be trainers and a woolly hat?

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