Snow Starts & Stops Play

Snow, snow, snow – well this is the UK and a dusting of snow drives the country to a halt.

Well it drove us to a halt this weekend. It all started so well, a great swim on Saturday, 3,200m covered, Spencer swimming really well and then off up to the ski slope for the kids lessons.

I have to say that the boy will be way ahead of me this year, not even going to attempt to keep up with him…. he sees himself as some freestyle guru in the future, so long as he gets a job in the Alps and we can visit – go for it!!

Click to play video

So we woke Sunday to snow – we cancelled lessons as we would be the first people on the roads at that time of the morning and went sledging instead.

It was actually quite nice to get out and not be at the pool. The weather curtailed any other training and we all felt so tired that the best thing to do was rest!!


So I ran this evening with the aim of entering a 10k I have seen in Hanley at the end of Feb – one goal at a time. Anyone join me??


Ran the furthest I have ever run tonight and come to the conclusion that I really do need to get some decent running shoes. Could have kept going but the feet were hurting, both feet pinching where the sole meets the upper. So Freeport it is at the weekend!


The advise I have been given is that if you can nail the run the bike is OK. I can concur with that and not overly worried about the bike as I can build that up quite quickly come the spring. Event one on the bike is the Dougie Macc in May – 50 or 100???

So off we go on another week……


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