Blisters, Headaches & Toothache

Not quite the week I had hoped for on the training front, appear to be very tired at the moment, mentally rather than physically.

Those of you who know will understand that we have a fair bit going on both personally and work wise – looking forward to getting away for a few nights over half term, a recharge, change of scene and a chance to spend some time together away from the January blues.

So the week started with a good swim on Tuesday and a turbo session on Wednesday. Have to say that the turbo is dull, especially as I am presently just building up resistance and miles in the legs at this stage, intervals can come later. So with the iPad plugged in and the football on off I went for 45 mins.

Saturday saw a change of plan, no swim as we were off to the caravan show in Manchester, so an early doors run with Spence on his bike. Explored the Trent Path up to the Brit and then back along the canal. Was a good route and easily extendible from the 5.3 miles we did, to up the distance, but oh boy did my feet hurt. So Sunday saw the purchase of some new trainers, yet to be used in anger:


They certainly feel a lot better just wearing them, we shall see later in the week.

Oh yes we did get a new caravan also, too good a deal to miss out on, £3 a month more for a brand new van, we would have been stupid not to so in May we will be the proud owners of this:

From then it has gone downhill, I had to get out of swim training on Sunday, had a bad headache and every time I turned to breath it was as though my brain was sloshing around in my head, I think I had got dehydrated at the show the day before and not got enough fluids in prior to swimming – a bad recipe!

Then on Monday emergency dentist!! Cracked filing, replaced there and then, two injections and drilling almost to the nerve, felt like I had been hit with a hammer last night.

So back on it tonight with a Bob session at the pool, lets see how that goes and hopefully we will be back in the game……

If you are wondering where we swim well we have a little club called Parogon that my grandfather co-founded just after the war:

(new site on way!!)



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