Dry January – Wet February?

Dry January, in terms of alcohol intake that is, is complete, and thus far, so is February – but we are only two days in!!

Don’t forget that I did all this and am doing my future events all for Cancer research and you can donate on my JustGiving Page:


So how has it gone this week? Well as normal swimming has been good with a variety of sessions including distance and intervals, I have run and been on the turbo. As the weather gets better the outdoor training will increase, but for now it is snatch what I can.

For example a quick 3.2 mile run last night, a PB over 5k even with the winds of Storm Henry in my face on the way back. I do feel I am making progress on the running, just need to do more, slowly increase the distance and then the biking will come. Wednesdays turbo is going to be replaced with a run this week and then get out on the bike over the weekend if weather permits.


Can you tell which of the miles I had the wind behind me!!!!

I used the new trainers last night for the first time and I have to say so far they have not hurt, lets see how that progresses as I up the distance and bed them in. Also despite the fact that it was Feb and in a storm, still out in shorts – hairy leg alert:


So onwards and upwards, entering the Olympic Distance at Trentham this week, that is going to up the ante as it is a 1,500m swim, 40k bike and a 10k run. Not overly concerned about the first two stages, but it will be a flat and fast bike, but the 10k after all that!! It is not till September so plenty of time to build it up.

End of month distances, nothing to write home about and will increase once the bike is out…..

Swim: 27.3k

Bike: 14.6 miles (excluding turbo sessions)

Run: 27k


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