Spring in sight??

It’s been a while since my last musings but a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then!

In one week, I had Ofsfed at school, found out that for now my job is safe and Christina also had a three day inspection at the hospital from the CQC. Let’s just say that the few days we had away in the van in York were much needed and well enjoyed even if we did spend it with this pair of……

Training wise I have been attempting to build up the running by getting out a few times a week, it’s still horrible but getting easier with time. It’s just getting your head into the right place to keep going as stamina wise I am fine, it’s just working the leg muscles and getting them used to running. Going to give it another go tonight, think this will be tough as had a hard weekend. Well I did go out and decided to run up a big hill, now why did I do that……


This last weekend was a get back in it weekend after the holiday, so as I was coaching, I will be honest I was selfish and did the session I wanted. But all seemed to enjoy it, 2,600m with only 200m of it being more than 1 length. It was a full on interval sprint session, but it did get the arms moving again, and Sunday I did an endurance set, so fantastic contrast.

Also this weekend I have hit the turbo trainer with anger, two short, hard, fast, interval sessions. The first for 30 mins mimicking a climb and the second was a monster majoring on 30 second intervals.

Had to go to a conference today and listen to the keynote speaker – actually he was quite good!

Jim Lawless, his pitch is that we have a tiger inside us that stops us doing things, some call it the inner chimp, but its essentially the same idea. But what stood him out from the crowd was that he has actually done it, to win a bet he trained to be a jockey at the age of 36 having never ridden a horse and free dove to 101 meters.

So whilst running tonight, I did not listen to the Tiger and pushed on………

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