On the road again…..

no not the song – back out on the bike.

Since my last post I have surpassed 100 miles under my own steam since January. That is swim, bike, run without the turbo sessions. Not a great distance compared to some, but considering its the winter and I am just building up I am quite pleased.

  • 30 miles in the pool
  • 36 on the bike
  • 40 running

It is the running that I am most pleased with, coming from not running since school, doing a bit last year and now pushing it. 5 miles is now OK, legs still feel tight but it is getting easier.

Swimming continues with two hard sessions this weekend, and a good session last Tuesday, but the major achievement this weekend was getting out on the bike!

My early birthday present to myself was some new wheels, for those in the know Shimano RS81s C24s. Have a look here. Now to the non cyclist wheels are wheels, but lets examine the evidence:

Not been out properly on the bike since the autumn, had ran the night before and done a hard swim set in the morning, rode 16 miles with some hills chucked in and without pushing too hard I was breaking personal best times throughout the ride. Yes I may well be fitter, but not bike fit:

strava log

So that’s it, got the bug again so much so that when I got back I took Spence out for 6 miles, who yet again does not realise that it will be cold and comes out in his shorts!

I have also entered two more events, the Dougie Mac 100 mile ride and the Trentham Olympic distance Triathlon. Both tough events that are going to be a real challenge, both mentally and physically.

I have also decided that I am going to race under the Parogon name this year, it is our club and I am proud of it and all it represents to the family so it only seems right. A one man team at present, but non the less a team. So this week I am off to ProVision clothing to get some Parogon cycling tops and Tri Suits sorted.

There is now also a Parogon Strava club – join that and we can all see how we are getting on. Again only one member so far (make that two), but you can join us now at www.strava.com/clubs/parogon

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