Tight Arse…..

No not my wallet…..

So a minor hiccup on the route to triathlon stardom, very tight and painful gluts going through into my old back injury.

I last had this last summer when I decided to run from the caravan down to the beach, the constant downhill and breaking whilst running caused my muscles to go into spasm. Then Christina’s elbows did the trick whilst I literally winced with the pain – but it worked!

So this time, I think going out on the road bike and pushing it too much for the first ride has again caused this same reaction, so once again elbows to the fore. So I have had a lapse in running and cycling whilst this sorts itself out.

I have ended up having physio from Mike at 1st Contact Physio in Weston Coyney. He came highly recommended from Matt @Vekta as a proper physio who understands sport and simply does what is required, with no faff! So it proved, Mike is a sportsman and has worked in sports physio at the highest level, so fully understands your needs.



Both great local companies that look after their customers, those of you that know our family history will understand why I feel it is so important to support the local guy.

Now its time to get a bit cosmic!! Get out the matt, get out the joss sticks and think remember Barbara Streisand in Meet the Fockers. Yes lets talk Yoga…..


Yes this is the image it may have, happy go lucky hippies not wearing much and being in-touch with their inner soul and having loads of crystals. BUT the reality is so much different, when you look at the stretches you are given by a physio, they are nearly all derived from, or are yoga positions – yes stretches.

So in essence yoga is simply a stretching routine focusing on any area of the body you want. I am converted, with a simple 15 minute routine my back and legs feel so much better, more flexible and it also aides recovery.

You can go to classes and this would be a great way of doing it (keep you eyes open for a website I am working on for a friend), but with my schedule I am simply using an app on the iPad that runs you through the positions in the correct order and makes you hold them for the correct length of time. I am using this one – Yoga Studio, the videos are downloaded and can be played anywhere and even streamed over the apple TV.



So hopefully back on the training full time next week, a bit more stretching tonight and then swimming this weekend and a couple of hours skiing at the Chill Factore – not a bad way to celebrate being 41!!!(not quite there yet……..)


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