Spring into Spring

Last time we spoke I had been to physio and was stressing the virtues of Yoga – well this week I am going to physio and I am still doing yoga. Should it hurt??

Training wise I have had a bit of a lull, the week before Easter the winter cold that I have held off since September finally hit, so I did what all good professional athletes do and took some time off. I have really only just got over it fully as the week in the Alps on the school ski trip always plays havoc with the sinuses..

Well enough about my nose!!!

Skiing was a great trip, 33 kids out and 33 kids back,and yes they were all the same ones. This year proved to be challenging in so much as the weather turned against us. For three days we had thick fog and had to suspend skiing for the safety of the group.

One thing I did fond out though was how fit an athlete needs to be to train at altitude. I had to ‘walk briskly’ to a restaurant, up hill in the snow with my ski boots on – I was knackered!!!! Lungs burning, had to stop and took a while to regain steady breathing – so hats off to them and their pharmacists!!!!!

So we are now back into the swing of things at training is kicking back in, swimming continues as normal and I have done a few runs. I am comfortably running at 8.40 mile pace and have started to mix up the terrain, road running is mind numbing! So I am now going through the park a bit chasing a boy on a BMX!!! Cross training – lifting his bike over the fences. Need to make sure I keep the running up, not only for the triathlons, as I have now committed to doing a Trail Run in November in Northern Ireland. Should be interesting…..

Now to the biking!!

Time, time, time seems to be the one factor getting in the way here. I am meant to be doing the Dougie Mac 100 mile event in May but the amount of riding I have done so far is putting doubts in my mind. I need to be creating the time to get out starting this Wednesday where I hope to do a 40 miler – easier now the light nights are here.

So onwards and upwards, the events are looming large and I will be asking for sponsorship for Cancer Research  – all the more important as other peoples money has funded the research that has enabled Shelia to be given the all clear post Chemo – a fantastic result and full credit to her for all of her determination and reliance whilst going through such a horrendous treatment.

So help me help others by donating what ever you can…



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