2 Days to Go….

On Sunday it is my second ever, and longest ever triathlon at Chomondeley Castle in Cheshire. By lunchtime I hope to have completed:

  • 800m swim
  • 44km bike
  • 8km run

In old money a combined distance of 32.5 miles.

The feelings at the moment are ones of, excitement mixed with nerves when I think about it, but I am sure that I will be fine, complete the course and be one step closer to completing the Olympic Distance in September.

I have no issue with the swim or the bike, it is the run that I am not looking forward to, on its own, 8km is fine, but after 27 miles on the bike!! So tonight it is a bike and then a short run, then drop off the training and do a little ride and jog on Saturday then the big event.

Regarding the bike leg, I have been lent an absolute beast to ride by Ed, much appreciated. It has really given me a flavour of what a TT bike can do, quick for minimal effort. On the Kuota road bike I can average 18.5 – 19mph if I really push it, I did that on the TT bike without really trying and taking it cautiously due to it being my first ride on it. You are very low at the front, it has a 53 tooth chain ring as opposed to the 50 I am used to, and it is twitchy as your arms are so close together. Exciting is the word and I am looking forward to properly putting it to the test later. Conveniently I can take out another cycle to work scheme certificate very soon……


Regarding the running I did my first ever 10k run on Sunday and surprisingly I felt fine – another big confidence booster pre event.

Spencer is also competing on Sunday, 200m, 4k & 2k and he is really looking forward to it, he will do great, his swimming is strong and he is good on his bike. He just needs to make sure he does not go too hard on his run as he often gets a stitch.

The tri bug is catching, with Christina looking to do the Olympic relay at Trentham in September and possibly enter a fun event in Nantwich herself. She can easily do it and it would be a great goal for her.

So check in next week and I will let you know how it all went.

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