Getting Technical

Yes I have taken the plunge and invested in a heart rate monitor and downloaded a training plan from Triathlon 220 website. All a bit of a shot in the dark, but the intervals certainly hurt.

What I am struggling to get my head around at the moment is that I am not covering the distance, particularly when running. For example tonight I did:

  • 15 mins in Z2
  • 4 x 2 min Z3-4 & 1 min Z2
  • 8 min Z2

That came in at 3.4 miles and I need to be doing 6 for the next Tri. The Z2 warm up feels really easy aerobically, but it does get my calf’s running at that pace, the Z3 -4 is hard.

Today I had an average HR of 129 and maxed at 162, my MHR is 181. But my mile average was over 10 mins & I know I can do 8.20. So is it working, at the moment I do not know, I suppose the only way to tell is to do a 10k and see what time I do?

HR Run

Strangely I can see the benefit more on the bike – the intervals are hard and are very much akin to hill reps & I am covering the distance required for the event. I suppose it is covering the distance that is letting it rest easier and also the fact that I know its my running I need to work on.

This is the plan I am following – not a clue if it is hard enough but time will tell. One thing is for sure it is much more planned that what I did pre my last triathlon.


Ullswater Water Swim

The toughest swim to date is all that I will say!!!

The water peaked at a balmy 12 degrees and I did not fully appreciate the affect the cold can have on you until this swim. he first 500m was horrible. Light headed, teeth hurting and heart pounding. This only settled down once my extremities had gone numb. I almost quit after the second lap, but knowing that Christina, Fiona and Becky were in pushed me on.

We all struggled, could not keep our fingers together, everyone did slow times and we were all shaking uncontrollably as we got changed, but we did it!!! I have to say a fantastic achievement in itself. It was even too cold to take any pics!!!

Next Up…….

Next up I am taking on a 2.5 mile sea swim while we are in Wales. I am swimming out of Solva round an Island and back in again in the aptly named Swim to the Edge event.

I will be starting by the boats on the inlet and going round the island at the bottom of the picture – this will be a challenge – but looking forward to it.


So off to Wales and more training……….

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