New Year New Goals

It has been a while since I last posted, mainly due to time and work commitments and also the fact that I have had some down time from training due to a minor calf injury. But it’s now January and we are back on it, and that includes no booze……

Early September saw the now annual pilgrimage to Abersoch for the Uswim Ocean swim where myself, Christina and Spence all swam. For the second year running I was second in the two mile and both Christina and Spencer put in great swims to better their times of the previous year. This is fast becoming our end of summer event, child out, great sea and great venue.

In September I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon in Trentham Gardens. Loved it, all be it the swim was interesting in Trentham lake with 400 people doing 4 laps! The bike was quick, but the A34 a tad dangerous for so many cyclist sharing it with the general traffic. Oh and the run, got to love the run!!! Having said all of that I really enjoyed the day, did a respectable time and came home in the top third – a really good springboard for the future.

The kids also competed and were fantastic, Spencer survived a mechanical on the bike to put in a really strong run and Sophie did her first ever open water swim in the event. We were so proud of them.

Team Pocket Rocket – Christina, Jonesy and Kay also did the Olympic relay and they are itching for more. Christina did a ‘very’ strong swim, Jonesy smashed the bike and Kay put in a solid run – so good that the other two could not keep up with her as she ran over the line!

Then the injury struck, started off as tendinitis in the knee, but it transpired that this was probably triggered by a calf strain and the muscles over compensating. I thought I was simply tight, so stretched, over stretched, rolled it out and probably made it worse. So physio and now strength training and yoga and fingers crossed all seems OK. Simply brought it home that I am not as young as I used to be…..

So Christmas is done and training is recommencing, swimming never really stopped and I have a plan that I am following for the bike and the run. Easy does it for now to ensure the leg is OK and slowly build up, using heart rate zones much more this year as the more I read the more I think the training we do, especially in the pool can at times be counterproductive.

Events coming up are:

  • March – Stafford half – leg permitting!
  • May – Wilmslow sprint pool based tri
  • June – Ullswater swim
  • July – Cholmondeley Castle Olympic
  • August – Château Chantilly Olympic – yes venturing over the channel!

I am also in the ballot for the Ride London Surrey Classic, so awaiting confirmation or otherwise of my place.

Hoping to keep more up to date with the blogs this year…..

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