Banish the January Blues

I have to say that the back end of last week was tough, felt low, tired and unmotivated, particularly in work. Friday evening could not come soon enough and our first weekend at home uninterrupted by Christmas and New Year shenanigans was just what the doctor ordered.

Whilst Spencer was at scouts I hit the road and put in my longest run since injury, just under 4 miles and my leg felt fine, was not quick but it was not meant to be – more about building the miles and leg strength.  It still amazes me how doing some exercise can make you feel mentally better.

So onto the weekend, swim training was taken by me on Saturday and we did a session centered around 50m swims, culminating in a HIT session in the last half hour. 15 in the pool including 2 new members, our largest session for quite a while. All seemed to enjoy and it was a lot tougher than people gave it credit for – we definitely felt it in the afternoon. Great to see Greg down as him being there pushes Spencer who led the lane for the whole session and swam brilliantly.

The kids were then skiing and they are both progressing really well, Sophie is so close to the top group, all she needs is to keep the skis together in the fall line and she will be there. Spencer is now dong 3 hours in the afternoon culminating in slalom practice – lets just say I am not even going to attempt to keep up with him when we go to La Thuile later in the year.

Sunday saw lessons and a Bob swim set – he said it was his easiest one, but after Saturday we all felt it. Christina is swimming very well at present and is reaping the benefit of swimming of rep times rather than rest times.

Still doing my yoga sessions of an evening and it really does work, keeps you flexyogaible and stretches you out much better than not following a program. Mixing up the sessions on the yoga studio app to add in variety, just 15 mins a day but it really helps. I am also looking to do strength training this year, nothing major, some squats, core exercises to, yes, keep me strong and avoid injury.

Monday night Spence and I did a hill reps session after he and Sophie had already done Badminton, we only did 3 miles but the virtues of intervals and hills were proven. We were goosed and I am still feeling my legs today. Spencer is very good at running and if we do this together more often my running is really going to improve, it is also time we can spend together so everyone is a winner.

Also great to see the kids doing so much, Sophie did badminton and beavers last night, dance tonight as well as swimming, skiing, polo and after school athletics. Spencer doing all of that bar the dance and scouts rather than beavers. Keep them busy is our mantra!

So onto the rest of the week, swim and turbo session up next.

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