Polo, cold and colds!!

Once a year the old boys from the water polo team get together for a match, to see if we can still do it, see how unfit we have got and then have a drink and some food. A great afternoon and one that we all look forward to. Now I have to say that I recon I am relatively fit, but put me back into a polo match and everything hurt for a good few days after! Same muscles but in a different way, and it also proves how fit we must have been back in the day to play 3 top class matches over a weekend.

Now it comes to something when Rossy and myself we holding a conversation in the 4th quarter about how a 2k open water was easier than this game. A great, if tiring afternoon and one that we look forward to next year.

That was the end of it for me that week, Monday I finally succumbed to the cold that has been flying round school, so I actually listened to the body and stopped, no more of this train through it that I am over 40! The whole family has been laid low this week, oh for a sight of spring to come!! Saturday morning, we decided that if we did not wake up then we would not go training, we did not!!! So rare occurrence, a lie in……. Sunday saw training as normal followed by an easy Turbo half hour in the evening.

So I thought I was back on track this week and hit the road to do a 45 minute run, all was good until 40 minutes when the knee pain kicked in again, a gentle walk home for the last bit – very frustrating as I feel good. Much Facebook debate later the consensus is runners knee and too much to soon, so pair it back, do strength exercises and keep supple and slowly build up the time and distance I can go pain free. There is now the vision of me squatting in various ways to build up the knee – fingers crossed it works!


Entered a new event today, GoTri at Trentham High, a small, short event put on by a local company Gold Events. Coming from a family of local traders I believe in supporting local and I have even got Christina to sign up – so that’s a joint turbo session tonight then!


Moving forward now with half an eye on spring, but being very conscious of the running and that I actually do not need to do 10km until the end of June. Stafford half will have to wait until next year……

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