6 months yesterday!



Sounds easy when you look at it like that! Add them together for the combined distance of 70.3 miles is a different story….

  • Swim – 1,900 m
  • Bike – 56 Miles
  • Run – Half Marathon

Individually I am more than happy with the swim and the bike, the run? My longest run to date is 7 miles, so need to be almost doubling that – combine that with the added feature of already having done the swim and the bike it could prove interesting!

No denying that my main focus has to be the run – so a 10k in January and Stafford half marathon in March – mentally I need to know I can do a half marathon, so that is goal number 1!

I will be blogging about my trials and exploits as the months go on and it is fair to say this is the biggest sporting challenge to date for me, not least the training commitment required, fitting in with work and family.

I am playing around with plans at the moment, but the favored one seems to be the Fink 70.3 Intermediate plan, 16 weeks starting in Feb, until then I will keep Zwifitng, riding, running and swimming and  following a half marathon 10 week plan!

So this week it is now strength training tonight, bike intervals Friday, Swim Saturday and a 12km run on Sunday.

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