I am Back

2019 and I finally get to run Stafford Half Marathon.

So a while has passed since I last posted and I have completed my first 70.3 half Ironman in under 6 hours, ran a trail half marathon in just over 2 hours and entered many an event for 2019.

Race A is the Gauntlet at Cholmondeley Castle in June. A half Ironman distance race over undulating terrain in both the run and the bike. Various other events are planned along the way……

Sunday 17th March and I am ‘ready’ to run my first road based half marathon. Well when I say ready, training did not go as planned what with the February bug so I only had one 9 mile run under my belt.

Roger was over from the North of Ireland to share in the ‘enjoyment’ and we arrived bright and early on Sunday to park up and get our bearings. Heading to Market Square it dawned on me that this was probably the biggest event I have entered in terms of competitors and spectators. The atmosphere was building……

Would he beat his number in the rankings?

Great to see so many familiar faces and we all tried to put each other at ease, with good luck wishes from the family, one last visit to the toilet, we were off. Well we shuffled round the town centre and out onto the road up to the castle. The race then thinned out considerably and we all got into our stride, but you were always with other people and the support on the sidelines was great. Free sweets, high fives and shouts of encouragement – Fantastic…

Radford bank conquered, not bad at all!! An nice down hill and then a desolate lane up towards Beaconside. I turned down the offer of a free pint at one house and then hit the worst bit….

Desolate, long, windswept, bereft of supporters – the almost 5k drag up Beaconside – on the plus side 10 miles conquered and I was starting to pass people. Corner turned and we wiggle our way to the old railway line into the gardens and hit the town centre.

Spencer shouts 3 mins, meaning to get under two hours, what seems like forever loop through the town and I hit the finish line. Clock says 1.59 – watch 1.56.28, chip time 1.56.22 – GET IN…..

Sub 9 minute miles for all 13, made it back before the hail storm mission accomplished!!

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