Frankie 5

Saturday saw us descend on Whisper Lane for the first running of the Frankie 5 trail run, a new event set up in memory of the Late Niteriders ‘Boss’ Francis Hamlet.

Parogon were out in force with Spence, Sophie and Holly running in the kids race and, Dave, Greg, Neil and I in the adult 5 mile trail run.

First up it was the kids on their 1.2 mile run and all three smashed it in their own way. Spence was right up with the lead runner but was unable to keep the pace of the young whippet up front who gave Dyksey a run for his money. Spence dug in hard to see off a late challenge from the lad in third to finish a comfortable 2nd – he then promptly lay down to get some oxygen in!

Sophie and Holly did fantastic completing the course, pushing themselves and really enjoying the experience – they all did themselves proud on the day.

Next up it was the adults, a few words before we started, round of applause for Frank set the tone and off we went. A great atmosphere between the runners as we were all local and knew each other, a lap of the playing fields, up a track, high five a large daisy and then we hit Hanchurch!!!

Muddy and up hill until we hit the main fire road, chucked a right and then it was down, down, down – a look at the watch when we hit the bottom fence showed 2.55 miles – so that meant 2.45 miles back up hill!!

Well it was worse than that as it was undulating, short sharp steeps, shorter downs and then a long drag up a lane and a further track and we were back onto the playing fields. Happily for me I was still passing more people than were passing me, a final push round the field and I passed two more with the encouragement of Spence…….

A great run, a great event and one that the local sporting community should be proud off – oh and I now have a pink T-Shirt!!!

Enjoying it???

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