Is it over Yet?

So it has been a while since my last ramblings, but day 4 of Covid isolation leads you to strange things!

A great deal of water has passed under the bridge since my last post in 2020, and that is probably why that was my last post!

So to sum up:

  1. Parogon ASC has folded
  2. I am a qualified personal trainer & Level 2 Swimming Teacher
  3. I have worked for and left Swim Now
  4. I am setting up my own company Kuotos Swim
  5. I am a Scout Leader

Parogon folding came out of a number of factors and mainly the fact that the school has realigned its external lettings – in the end it was a really sad end. Having been in existence since 1938 the club literally fizzled out, no pool swimming since the start of the pandemic, I had kept a small band going on land training, but that was dwindling and there was minimal interest in any other events / activities. We had a few lake meetups and they were good, but it was more of an effort. Even the closing party fell victim to the Covid Rules!

So lets see what the future holds, it did affect me as the club and the people had been such a large part of my life, all of our lives and for it to just end as it did was tough. But we move onto ventures new, new events friends old and new….

So it was time to reassess. Out the desperation of need to do do something to give me a chink of light that I will not be stuck at Alleyne’s forever I took on a Personal Training Course. It was interesting, difficult and the assessment was challenging – but the knowledge I have gained will stand me in good steed as I move forward.

Part of the reassessing saw me complete my Level 2 Swimming Teacher Qualification and despite the three hour zoom sessions (one on holiday in the caravan) it was a thoroughly enjoyable process. I did the practical’s in Rotherham in August 2021, spent a few nights on CL on my own, rocked up, taught the lessons and actually realised I do know what I am on about!

Always work to do and the target is now to be better at teaching fly and breaststroke.

Better than a Premier Inn – my practical assessment accommodation!

So gaining this qualification has opened some doors, firstly I am teaching for Newcastle under Lyme School with brother three times a week. That is good, the bread and butter, enjoyable and keeps you practiced. Believe it or not we do actually bounce of each other, share ideas and progress our teaching.

What I really enjoy is the one to one work, and it is Ben Gamble who gave me the confidence to do this. He offered me his endless pool to coach in and it has been a great success, I have coached GB Triathletes down and it is great. Using video, having the time to talk and assess and then getting them in a pool and seeing their face when it clicks – brilliant!

I am also teaching at Trentham Pool, for Helen at WOW, my clients again 1-1. Paul is my biggest success, complete beginner to entering an open water triathlon in under a year – can not wait to go and support him.

Working for Swim Now at Crewe enabled me to again further my practice and see how the 1 – 1 model works. Unfortunately it did not work out as we initially planned with them, it was going to be too much of a jump, too soon with too much financial risk – but huge thanks to Alistair and the team. I really enjoyed it – all be it tiring doing a 7 hour split shift on a Sunday!

So out of all of this is born Kuotos Swim – my soon to be registered company delivering, child lessons at the Stone House Hotel, adult 1 – 1 at Stone House and Bens along side my session at Trentham. I am also branching out into training plans.

Who knows what the future holds, but for now Covid recovery, get down to some training and enter an event for myself!!

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